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New Police Officers.

New officers buy a different range of boots from the cheapest to the most expensive like Original swat boots, Lowa or Magnum,this range can come in at around fifty five to seventy pounds depending on the type of boot and where you buy. They have been doing police boots for decades. We now have a new contender in the ring. Swat original boots. Although very popular in the USA they have not broken through here yet but making good ground and selling well. A bit more expensive than the Magnums but well worth the extra for durability and comfort.We also have a full range of other boots in stock and they can all be used for pounding or driving on the beat. All our boots are ones picked by ourself for the quality and value for money. On the cheaper end we have the Ambush which are waterproof and will keep your feet dry.

What Type of Police Boots do you need

  1. It can be a task and a half finding the right footwear? What facts would you need before buying Police boots.
  2. What is your budget and price range, do you want cheaper boots as you are not hard on footwear or do you want the real top end boots. Decide what you want the footwear for and this gives you a good starting point. The top end range will, of course last longer and be a better boot around. Remember if you buy the dearer boots you would expect to have longer wear out of them and the budget boots will not give you the same life or quality. If you buy cheap or expensive you will still have safe guards and the boots must adhere to the Standards set down by the trading laws.
  3. Do you want comfort.
  4. Long lasting.
  5. Consider are you on your feet all day.
  6. What is your budget.

Swat Boots For Comfort

 Swat Police of boots are one of the bestselling ranges to security forces in the United States. If you are interested in footwear that is comfortable lightweight and value, then check out this range. 


 At the cheap end of the range’s prices are around £35 to £50. These are value for money and some are waterproof & breathable.  They are not in the same league at the top end boots, but they will still do the job. If you are on light duties, then there is no reason why you cannot get by on a cheaper pair. They still look good.


Lowa mountain boots black is a lightweight boot and is one of our best selling lines to the police and military along with the combat. The combat has a higher leg and gives a bit more support on the lower leg. The Lowa range is the result of years of product design. These are great Police Boots is a great boot for every day duties and the most popular of the high-end boots. The come in half sizes which makes it easier to get a great fit so you can wear them straight off with breaking them in. This is a good boot to consider. If you are in the police or security game, then Lowa is worth a look.


 They have been making police boots for as long as i can remember. The Magnum ranges are popular within the security forces worldwide and offer mid-range priced boots with comfort and value. The side zip the Panther police boot is a time saver and allows the user to put on and take off the boots very fast while still giving the lace up affect. This is now a great new reduced price.


 We have a good range of Police Boots that would be suitable for the man or woman on the beat. Our range are of the highest quality & will not let you down. We have picked our products to offer only what we think is the best available boots. Most boot are fit for police purposes but each one brings different features to the table , our selections are all suitable for police use however each boot offers different performance and use.A top end boot will give you all you need to for tough assignments and keep you dry and comfortable and allow you to perform your duties without having problems with your feet. See our selection of Military boots ,police boots and tactical boots. We have a great selection of boots in a wide variety of prices and specifications and you will find something for your needs. Contact us if you need any information regarding boots prices of any sort of advice you need.  A lot of our customers are from the military and Police with our SWAT boots being a popular choice.
Here at ADVENTURE1 we have put together a few suggestions to keep you footwear in tip-top-condition.