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Where can I buy An Airsoft gun.

The answer is simple, at our Airsoft UK GLASGOW shop. Come and see or full range of AEG rifles, pistols and accessories. All our  airsoft military kit is up to date and available. Our list is  growing by the day and new items arriving every week. We have staff that are players and know what they are talking about.

 About The Game

At Airsoft sites weapon speed is measured in fps which is feet per second. Different sites gave different rules and this can differ in countries.  A hot gun will not be allowed to be used on a site ,this is a gun shooting over the limit. To buy a gun a player must have a UKARA number that is issued to them on site. Two tone guns can be bought without a UKARA number.

How Airsoft is played.

Airsoft  is a game where players shoot at each other using a variety of weapons. Airsoft is similar to paint ball but Pellets are used at airsoft games rather than paintballs. Another difference is the guns are very realistic and this makes it more fun for the players. All sorts of arranged fights take place with teams.  Call us  0141 353 3788.


Safety in games and is taken  seriously and no one is allowed onto the field of play without proper eye protection.Some wear face masks to stop pellets hitting the face which can sting a bit. Gloves and helmets can also be used..

Pellets | bb's

Airsoft guns fire bb's which are plastic and come in sizes , 0.20 grams  up to 0.40  grams. 
Camouflage Clothing / Footwear.

We have extensive stocks of camouflage trousers and shirts, assault vests.
Footwear is a very important part of playing airsoft if your are playing outdoors. We have everything from Special Forces boots to the value for money budget end.