Vango Sleeping Bags

Vango are one of the most well known brands of tents in the UK.We have a good selection of Vango Sleeping bags in our Glasgow shop, we have been delivering Vango Sleeping Bags in Glasgow and to others across Scotland for many years. 

New Ranges.

Every year brings out new ranges and Vango keep some of the old favorites including rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags. There is sure to be something for you. Vango have managed to keep in front of the competition and keep the ranges at affordable prices.Apart from weekend, Family camping and festival styles models Vango have a range of more sophisticated styles of tents,rucksacks and sleeping bags. There is always a bag or tent that would suit you. Snuggle up with family sleeping bags and be assured that you will be up early and feel refreshed ready for the day ahead Adventure.Great performance with features that will keep you rested no matter how you use your energetic day. Come with Health Guard Anti Mosquito and Health Guard Finishes. Travel the Globe, with the Vango sleeping bags with high performance, weight and size. Our Lightweight sleeping bags are a mixture of comfort, our premium Mountain range of sleeping bags are made give maximum quality, comfort on the hills and mountains.

The  Vango Sleeping Bags are warm ,lofty and great value for money. The bags feature a mixture of soft linings, modern materials, holly fibre  and tough exteriors combination of a durable exterior. Great for camping, and festivals. They are made so to retain as much body heat as possible and keeping the pack size and weight down. We have ranges for all areas of the outdoors to the very severe conditions to spring festival day