ASG MP9 B&T GBB Machine pistol

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MP9 GBB B&T Machine pistol. This is a great airsoft close quarter weapon with a tremendous rate of fire. Small and compact.

Rate of Fire.

Tremendous rate of fire in any environment from the fields to indoors. This gun is truly an amazing gas blow back and overwhelms the enemy with its rate of fire. No one can stand up this one. Bolt fitted so fires at a rapid rate.

Compact And Powerful.

The weapon features a top rail with integrated sights, as well as a side rail for torches and lasers. The weapon comes with a 50 round capacity gas magazine which is resistant to cool down and is great for full-auto fire.
The B&T MP9 is a serious compact gas blow-back machine pistol. This pistol is licensed by the original manufacturer Br├╝gger and Thomet.The rifle  has an built in front grip and has a  folding stock. The whole construction of the MP9 is very realistic and it is field stripped like the real thing. The frame is made of tough polymers which has been strengthened by an annealing process make it more durable and tough.
The stock folds letting you to turn the gun into larger size machine pistol superior for close quarter work.Very powerful gun making this a very desirable weapon.


  • Realistic metal bolt cocking mechanism.
  • The B&T MP9 has comes with hop-up (adjustable) with semi and
    full auto  modes.
  • Has an active safety function on trigger pull.
  • Semi & Full Auto.
  • Monster Rate Of Fire.
  • Fixed Fore-grip Version.


Special Features

  • Gas Blow-back system.
  • Compact.
  • Folding Stock giving you more options.
  • Front Grip.
  • Tremendous Rate of Fire.
  • Accessory Rail for Sights.
  • Front Rail for accessories.
  • Knurled Grip for better grip when using gloves.
  • Folding locking Stock.
  • Sling Loop Points.
  • Hig Capacity Magazine.
  • In box.

  • ASG - MP9 A1 Gas Blow-back gun.
  • One Magazine.
  • Good instruction Manual with hop-up too.


  • Total Length:305/527mm/12,2/21,1 inch.
  • The Barrel length:140mm/5,6inch.
  • Magazine. Capacity:48 rounds Mag.:16689.
  • Hop Up  is Adjustable.
  • Velocity:100ms/328fps keeps it legal.
  • Weight:1725gr or 3,8lb.
  • 1 Joule.
  • Black

Manufacturer: weapon type ASG MP9
Model 16799 MP9
FPS: legal yes.fitted with downgrade bolt
Materials polymer with metal internals
Colour: Black
Power type Green Gas
Firing mode: safe semi auto and full auto
safety: trigger lock
Configeration: Ambidextrous
Gun configeration: standard
Ammo: .25g
Hop up: Adustable.
rail system: Has a rail system for attaching accessories
sights: Iron sights
Maganzine: AEG
Gas type: Green gas or CO2
Slide: Alloy
Weight: 2.5 kg
stock positon: 2 sliding positions
sling opitions: loop
battery connectors: mini tamiya
Gas blow back yes