AW .308 airsoft Sniper rifle

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Sniper Airsoft rifle. The AW.308 Sportline model based on the real deal used by the ARMY. Spring powered.

Starter Rifle.

This is a super starter sniper rifle based  on the original .308 magnum warfare rifle and used by the British Army.This is a spring powered gun so very little maintenance needed.
This ASG AW .308 Is realistic replica superbly made using the finest materials and high standard of construction with features such as an alloy barrel and receiver-the stock is made from tough polymer with soft butt pad This is a  spring powered sniper rifle and works just like the real weapon using a bolt action system. Just pull the bolt back to load the spring.
This is a fun gun to use with its easy action and realistic looks.


Just like the real steel the gun comes with a 20 mm RIS rail that will allow the player to attach accessories to the gun.No doubt you will want to fit a telescopic scope to the gun.The stock is shaped to give a very comfortable grip of the weapon resulting in better aim and kills.The rubber butt pad is designed to given the maximum comfort so affording you more control when aiming and keeping it from slipping.The pad is adjustable to line up with your eyes.
It has some special features.

  • Sling mounting points.
  • 2 bipod attachment points for different bi-pods such as the L96 and a universal pod.

When you buy this gun you get everything you need to get up and sniping :-magazine, loader rod for clearing barrel and a sling.


  • ASG's range.
  • Spring powered with bolt action.
  • Top 20mm RIS rail.
  • Safety trigger.
  • Trigger lock.
  • Large easy to use bolt.
  • Rubber butt plate.
  • adjustable cheek rest.
  • sling loop points.
  • Front slot for bi-pod.
  • Adjustable hop-Up.

Comes with.

  • Sniper Rifle with Magazine.
  • Pellet loader.
  • Sling.
  • Clearing Rod.
  • Instructions.
Manufacturer: weapon type ASG Sniper rifle
Model .308
FPS: legal yes
Materials polymer and alloy
Colour: Black
Power type bolt action spring
Firing mode: safe and single shot
safety: trigger lock
Configeration: right handed
Gun configeration: standard
Ammo: .25g
Hop up: Adustable. grub screw
rail system: Has a rail system for attaching accessories
sights: none
Maganzine: sniper 25 rounds
Weight: 3 kg
stock positon: 6 sliding positions
sling opitions: stock
outer barrle thread female
innner barrel diameter: 6.08mm