ASG CZ Shadow 2 airsoft pistol

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ASG CZ Shadow 2 airsoft pistol. Gas blow back.This is a fantastic upgraded on the successful Shadow. Will take sp-01 magazines. 
This gun also accepts the previous SP-01 Shadow CO2 magazines.

Serious Pistol For Serious Players

The CZ Shadow2 are top end pistols for serious shooters  and this is  sweet pistol to hold and you will notice the realisms in the deign. This is one of those guns that is very close to the real deal with the weight and high standard of manufacture. It is a co2 magazine with a sharp recoil and steady accuracy.This is one pistol you will love to shoot. Any who have shot this pistol rave about the performance of this weapon and It has been thoroughly tested. It gave a strong recoil up with up  to 4 reloads and no problems with slide sticking.

Better Grip

To give a better grip the slide has been totally redesigned and this does work out to be a great feature. This means that you can now get a better grip on the slide as it is now wider and heavier and thus gives a better feel with improved balance.

Great Looking Pistol

This is a very good looking weapon made from Anodised Aluminum and the parts are all made on computer controlled , precision machines. The overall finish is fantastic.

Redesigned Trigger Guard.

It is also great for players who like to use gloves as it has a larger trigger guard with a more level rim for better grip. The back of the trigger guard have been improved with deeper groves to give a well controlled balance in the hand.
The Shadow 2 comes with one co2 magazine and the release can be set in 3 different positions with sights that work well in dark conditions.This is a fantastic gun for experienced and not so experience players and will give that touch of realism to any game.


  •  Race Pistol with upgrades.
  • Upgrade
  • from the Shadow.
  • Great  recoil.
  • Green Gas or CO2.
  • Metal construction.
  • The magazine release has been extended
  • Steel guide rod.
  • Anodised Aluminum slide.
  • machined to precise tolerances
  • Pistol rail 20mm.
  • Now a neater profile frame.
  • Upgraded slide and  frame.
  •  Gloves can be worn with no problem.
  • magazine  release now adjustable.
  • Slide groves.
  • Hop up.
  • 26rnd magazine.

Video of ASG Shadow 2

Manufacturer: ASG
FPS Around 310 TO 330 using a 0.20g BB site legal
Materials Metal
Colour Black
Firing mode semi auto
safety Yes
Configeration Both hands
Gun configeration standard
Ammo .25g / .20g
Hop up Adustable.
sights Fiber optic front sight
Maganzine  26 rounds ASG CZ75 MAG
Gas type CO2
Slide Alloy
Barrel length 4 inches
Action Strong Recoil single double action
Rail Pistol rail
Grip Great for Glove users