Ares Amoeba AR-006 G39

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A Nylon Fiber Polymer G39 airsoft rifle from ARES, comes  with  Electronic Fire Control , 2 round bursts system and electric blowback.

Ares G39 Airsoft Rifle.

Fantastic airsoft rife from  ARES ( ar-006 g39. with new improved polymer that gives the rifle a great realistic feel. This is a solid and good looking gun.  The barrel is constructed from aircraft aluminum which is very robust and strong and includes a metal flash hider. The receiver is  constructed with the new polymer and is tough and keep;s the receiver steady and solid. A folding stock completes this section of the gun and the stock is very steady when folded in the ready position. The hop up unit will add some backspin to the pellets and keeps them on a straight trajectory. The 20mm r hand guard is for adding  fore grips or lights torches and lasers with the mags release on both sides of the weapon.  Slings can be added with easy to the sling loops at each end of the gun. 
 The weapon is fitted with and fire control system that gives you the choice of settings. The weapon also has a 'quick change' spring system which means that you do not have to. Very easy to fit new spring and not disassembly required  The  electric blowback  is a great feature adding to the fun you will have with this gun. if for some reason you do not want the blow back it can be turned off.


  • Blowback electric.
  • 1 piece receiver.
  • Fire Control System.
  • Gearbox with programmed function
  • 2 round burst.
  • Constructed with Reinforced Polymers.
  • Aluminum outer barrel.
  • Adjustable sights
  • 20mm railed handguard.
  • Railed receiver.
  • Sling points
  • Has  a Folding stock.
  • HOP unit.
  • Magazines can double up
  • Rubber butt pad.
  • Tamiya connector for battery
  • Fire selector for both hands.
  • Charging handle for both hands.
  • Magazine included.
  • Magazine release for either hand.