Nuprol Airsoft BB'S \ Pellets

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The Nuprol Airsoft BBs give a better performance with improved accuracy. High precision airsoft pellets.

Nuprols Airsoft BB'S

NUPROL's new high performance airsoft bbs/ pellets made with high precision to ensure roundness and give a superb performance with accuracy.

Stability of BB'S

The 0.25g pellet is more stable the .20g  because it is very slightly heavier thus not losing height on  the trajectory (the curved path of a pellet it follows when it is shot into the air)


The airsoft BBs are made from tough Polymer, with a diameter of  5.95mm and a tolerance of  +/- 0.01mm. This is high precision.
All the BB''s are checked after manufacture with strict quality control. These bb's are less likely to stick on tight bore weapons and easy for weapon feeding.

New Bottles

 They are packed in plastic bottles with a unique design and capable of holding up to 3300 bbs'
If you want an improved performance then i suggest the 0.25g Nuprol bb's . They do give you better performance with value for money.

  • NUPROL's BB Range of sizes.
  • These airsoft bb's are great for most guns.
  • Use at any event.
  • Square shape bottle.Approx. 3.299 BBs per Bottle.
  • Colour white.
  •  Precision tolerance 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm .