Mosquito and Midge Nets-protection

Mosquito nets and Midge nets for head and beds

Our super range of mosquito nets midge nets. They come treated or non-treated with fine mesh so small midges cannot enter netting. These midge nets are a must for the UK and travel in all parts of the world where protection is needed to keep you healthy and allow you to enjoy your trip. The mosquito and midge nets are very compact and lightweight and hardly weigh anything and one would not notice the weight in a bag.Our head nets are one of our best sellers and fit over the head and over a hat if wearing one. It is best to wear a midge net over a hat as this gives a space between the midges and your face. The midge nets can be easily removed and tucked in to a pocket when not in use.


Midge head net


Trekker mosquito net


Mosquito and midge nets | tourer single


Mosquito and midge nets | tourer double


Insect spray trek 50


repel mosquito spray repel 120mml


Net treatment for mosquito nets