Military Belts

We are based in Glasgow and have a range of Military Belts in our Glasgow shop, over the years we have been supplying Military Belts to local units in Glasgow and across Scotland. Military Webbing belts,Cotton webbing belts, Olive webbing belt, Black webbing belt, and stable belts.Made by official manufactures to the high standards needed for military use.See our new Royal Artillery stable belts.

Stable Belts

Every regiment  of the British Army has its own unique stable belt with their own colours and are worn with informal dress.
 Stable belts are purchased by the airman or soldier as they  are not issued. The stable belt is broad belt with different colours and is usually the colours of the regiment. In the British Army it is usually worn over the clothing The  Royal Air Force.
 it is worn with  working dress No. 2. Unlike the belts of old many stable belts are now buckles at the front either with straps or a brass or chrome buckle.