Scrim Net for Camouflage

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Scrim net for camouflage. Can also be used as a gear wrap or around the neck for a scarf.It has many uses and is a handy piece of kit

Military Scrim Net

This scrim net is a a military neck wear and has a multitude of uses and is used by hunters, cadet and airsoft players.  It was first introduced by the military as a neck warmer or a cover for rifles and helmets. The military found it good for keep warm especially around the neck and easily taken off if needed for use in camouflaging a piece of equipment.
It is made from polyester mesh and is a fast drying fabric, comfortable and is very light. It is no wonder it has been adopted by outdoor enthusiasts. It is around 100 centimeters by 92 centimeters and will not fray and is easily stored in a pocket or bag.

Special Features

Lightweight, tough durable military scrim net.
Can be used as a scarf to keep you warm or as camouflage.
Size: 100cm x 92cm.
Breathable, fast-drying.
Used by outdoor people
Will not fray.
100 grams in weight.
Polyester fabric.
Olive Green in colour.

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