Glengarry hats red/white/black check

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Glengarry hats in red/white/ black dice.Fantastic hat for veterans or pipe bands. Great quality and in lots of different sizes

Checked Scottish Hat.

The glengarry  were usually worn angled down with the right side of the hat low, nearly at the ear and the cap badge high on the head. Since the end of 1945 the hat has been worn level on head. Comes in different dice colours. Usually red/black/white.  In the past there was different colours of check and tories with different regiment having their own design. Now in the 21st Century the cap is either with a dice of white /black / red with the Balaclava company with red /white dice. It was the mid 1850's that the Glengarry became popular with Scottish Soldiers. The plain versionseems to  have been the order of day and worn with a feather. By the time the first world war broke out Scottish battalions wore the dark version.