Double folding shovel

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Metal Double folding shovel.Strong and robust shovel for any emergency.Great for fishermen and campers.

Folding Shovels.

Folding shovels or as the military call them entrenching tools or go back to Roman times when soldiers needed to dig fortification,of course they were not like the tools we have now but were still functional, just. They were very basic and made of poor quality metals that would break and rust.
 The German army was the fist to come up with a quality folding shover that folded was strong and durable.Today;s folding shovels are now made with tough and quality steels and make to last and work properly.Now used by fisherman and Bushcraft enthusiast. They are versatile and can be used as a pick or Axe.Even motorists keep them in their cars for emergency use.

  • Great for wild camping.
  • Forged steel.
  • Folding handle.
  • Collar lock.
  • Serrated edge will allow you to saw.