REME stable belt

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REME stable belt with updated chrome buckle and made in traditional colours with top quality materials. A great seller.

Stable Belt

 This is a brand new REME Stable Belt designed and manufactured with the best fabrics and metals. This is a tremendous stable belt at a great price point and has our money back guarantee. This belt now now has a new buckle with a more solid feel to it as it is not hollowed out like previous versions.
If you need or want a discount then buy them in bulk and we can give you a good prices.

REME Engineers.

The Army REME are, engineers, at the top of their game and will , recovery, fix and maintain equipment to keep it in  good working condition for the other regiments to operate safely.It will not make and difference to them if it is a Challenger tank or a Apache helicopter, the men and woman from the REME will keep you going. The soldiers in the REME are very highly trained and skilled operatives and use and keep up with the latests designs and engineering developments.


Small/ Medium goes from 26 inch to 36 inch waist.
Large is up to 42 inches.
Extra large is up to 50 inches.
The belts are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.

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