Gold Flag Cords

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Gold or Grey silver flag  cords.  These are superb cords for decorating the flag on the flagpole and will make you Flag look fantastic.

Gold |Grey Silver flag pole cords.

Beautiful cord's for setting off the look of a pole with flag during a parade.These cords are 9 foot long and have the 5 inch tassels.The quality of the cords are very good and will complement your parade flag. Made with the best materials These flagpole cords or ropes are ceremonial and are made to drape over the top of the flagpole and hang down the pole. This gives a cool look to the complete set-up.
We make them in different colours and are made with beautiful fabrics with tassels ends to really set it off. Flags without the cords miss out and only look half as good. Our other colours can match your flag and red white a blue is good for Union flags or banners with similar colours.

Gold or silver.

8 mm wide.

9 foot long.

5 inch tassels.

Quality guaranteed.