Cadet/Patrol socks

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Cadets socks in 2 colours olive and black Size 4 to 7. This is one of the favorites with Cades in small sizes.

Cadet Socks

Manufactured to Military specifications, these  Cadet Socks are made for comfort when you’re on an camp or hike. Cadet sock are made for the job even in bad weather and make you walks ,hikes or camps that little bit more comfortable.

Soft wool blend

Mainly designed for  cadets but hikers also wear them as anyone can ad they are a blend of wool and soft man made fibers that help your feet to avoid blisters, keep dry and warm in severe conditions.
Wool is a superb  breathable fabric that will help to reduce sweating and keep your feet dry and cool. The blend of this sock gives a soft and comfortable touch and helps with wear and tear.Contoured to ensure a good heel fit with a tough sole area to give durability and has a cushion effect for long walks.

Comfortable and durable , warm.
Cushioned sole for extra comfort.
Great for cadets, security ,police and fishermen.
 The mix is 65%  Soft Acrylic, 20%  Wool, 15% Nylon.
Comes in Black or Olive Green.
Size 4 - 7 or 6-11