Crusader Cooking system

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The Crusader Cooking system used by the military and outdoor enthusiasts. Compact and light.

Crusader Cooking System.

This was originally made for the Soldiers of the British Army and the Bushcraft of survivalist. It has a folding arm and allows the cup to fit over the fuel crucible, this is where gel fuel or solid fuel blocks can be used for cooking. Crusader Dragon Cup 2 which is a larger and improved version of the original tough aluminum and light.

  • Shaped to capture a larger surface area for heating the contents of the cup.
  • Multi-fuel cooker.
  • A small slit gives protection against the wind. When carrying the cooker nests beneath the Crusader Cup and in turn will fit into a water Bootle.
  • This set comes with:
  • Mug (plastic) and Water bottle Crusader Cup Lid Nato.
  • Crusader Cup.
  • Crusader Cooker.
  • Will boils 500ml  of water in around 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Striker.
  • Fire Dragon  Fuel