Red white and blue flag cords

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Fantastic  quality red white and blue flagpole cords.Will give you flag and pole a classy look and can be used for steadying banners.

Flagpole Cords.

Red, White & Blue Flagpole Cord.

These flag cords come in 9ft lengths which is a standard size, red /white / blue flag cords are used in ceremonial duties, military parades and marches and give the flag that touch of class.If you want your flag to look its best then one of these cords will be ideal for you.


This is one of the best ways of making your flag stand out as a class act.stand.It will give that  touch of class. The flag cord is made  to very high standards  and give you a display you can be proud of. Made to add class to flags.

  • Made durable red, white and blue fabric.
  • Comes in 108 inch length.
  • Looks fantastic on flag.
  • Value item.
  • Tassels to match cord.