The Mk2 Crusader Cooking system

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 The Military MK 2 Crusader Cooking system with the crusader cup and cooker. Light and easy to clean multi-fuel cooker.

MK 2 Crusader Cooking System.

This is a large and very much improved version of the original Crusader Cup and is made from graded aluminium that is strong and light. It is a bit larger than the steel original cup and comes in at 1 litre. It is shaped at the base to absorb more heat and is a good neat fit to the NATO water bottle

The Mk2 Cooker is made to use solid fuel or the fire dragon gel fuels and is designed to be a multi-fuel cooker, made from the same graded aluminium that has the strength
to be durable and tough. It is designed with a chimney that helps everything to burn with good effect.The vent holes help with the burning process.