Wood Burning camping stove | cooker

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 A compact wood burning cooker that is lightweight and easy to store.No need to carry fuel as you can burn wood that you can find at your campsite.

Wood Burning

Wood Burning Camping Stove

A  lightweight and compact wood burning stove for wild camping
camping or backpacking.This wood burning stove is made to burn a great many different fuels
such as wood, charcoal, fuel gel and solid fuel. It is a lightweight design made from steel and gives
and good distribution of heat on cooking pots - It comes with vents to allow a good airflow to assist in burning.

Can Burn Wood and Many Other Fuels.

 It comes with a solid alcohol fuel bowl if you want to use this type of fuel. it is design with 5 parts that are detachable and all parts can be stored inside each other to save space and can be packed away neatly in the carry bag.It is lightweight and comes in at 380g.If you do not want to carry fuel you can burn
wood that you forage for. This is great if you want to save weight and space.

  • It is Lightweight | compact and durable.
  • Weight is only 380g.
  • Stainless Steel design.
  • 5 detachable parts that fit into each other.
  • Easy storage and does not take up a lot of space.
  • No need to carry fuel.
  • Has a wide opening that makes adding fuel easy.
  • Double wall design to increase efficiency.
  • Burn time around 20 mins but more fuel can be added.
  • Comes with a fuel bowl for different fuel type.
  • Silver colour.
  • Compact.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Size 8cm x 14cm diameter.
  • Fuel types :- Any combustible material such as paper, cardboard, wood,charcoal and others.