Sea Cadet Ensign Flags

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Sea Cadet Flags. Fully embroidered both sides with gold fringe and sleeve for a 32 mm flagpole. Top quality double sided flag.

 Embroidered both sides

Sea Cadet | Ensigns | Standard.

Our hand sewn, Sea Cadet Corps Flags, are made to high specifications by our  manufacturer. They are  appliqué ( Hand sewn panels) Sea Cadet Flags are made from  156 grams, high quality flag material and approved by the Ministry of Defense. The appliqué, this is individual sections of cloth are hand cut and stitched onto the flag with embroidered seams.This makes for quality product and superior to other makes of flag that are printed or do not have the same finish. See our images of the quality. The appliquéd part is not printed but separate pieces of cloth and the Union jack is fully embroidered both sides. 

Printed Flag.

If you do not want a fully embroidered flag but printed gives us a call. Our screen printed flags are of the highest quality on the best fabric available. All our Sea Cadet  Flags are hemmed on  all sides with a gold fringe and sleeve for a standard flagpole.


Double sided and fully embroidered.

Gold fringe with or without.

Sleeve for pole.

Standard size