Midge & tick repellent

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Strong Midge and Mosquito repellent that also works on repelling Ticks. Made for severe conditions the is one of the best repellents on the market. 60 ml size

Midge | Insect Repellent | Tick

This is a fantastic midge/insect repellent made to work in the most severe conditions. There are millions of midges in Scotland, and if you are exposed to them it can be very painful and disturbing to a good day out. To say it can spoil your day is an understatement. Not only can you be bitten by midges but you can also be infected by a tick bit.

Lymes Disease

A tick bite can be dangerous and give you Lymes disease. Believe me, you do not want to be infected with Lymes. Protection is always better than trying to fix it later when the damage is done. This midge repellent will help keep the midges and ticks at bay but you must also take other precautions such as a midge net or long trousers when walking through long grass.

Features and Contents

Good Powerful midge repellent that works.It contains Propylene Glycol, Aqua,Pant extracts, Isopropanol, Piperidine Carboxylate (Saltidin) 20% w/w fragrance that has been very effective for the UK, jungles and tropical forests.It will help to protect you from midges, Mosquitoes, midges, horse flies, ticks, and other types of flies.It will last up to 5 hours but if you are sweating a lot them more often is better. Just spray on and cover the parts of the skin that are exposed but try to avoid the eyes or on the mouth as it is not a good idea to swallow the repellent. Pump-spray so no aerosol It is essential for areas that are prone to having lots of midges such as areas of Scotland and  has been designed with such places in mind.