Double Midge | Mosquito Net

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Double Mosquito and Midge net with very fine netting to keep even the smallest insects at bay. This net has also been treated with a special insect repellent.

Double Midge And Mosquito Net

This is the Tourer Double Mosquito and Midge net from Highlander. This net is treated with a Permethrin solution to help with repelling insects such as Midges and Mosquitoes couple this with the new fine mesh, it will keep away even the small biting nasties. These nets will ensure you get a good nights sleep if you are in the Highlands of Scotland,( where Midges are in the Millions) the Middle east or tropical areas. It can be used in five different ways so it will be easier to hang and keep it loose and fit over your entire will fit over your sleeping bag with ease and over a large bed. It is lightweight and can be stored in your rucksack or case without taking up a lot of space. I would recommend this net to anyone who does not want to be bothered with midges.


Double size 220cm x160 cm x 235cm with five different hanging points so hanging it will not be a problem. It has been treated with insect repellent for added protection.
Manufactured from a very fine mesh, that will make sure no small midges will get through. On some nets small insects can get though if the net has large holes.
Suitable for areas all over the World.
Made from durable and lightweight polyester material.
Yellow and black colour.

This is a top quality product and hence the more expensive price.There are cheaper ones on teh market but you get what you pay for.