Ares Diammond Bio Airsoft BB'S

Ares Diamond Precision Bio BB's are made to a very high standard with superior polishing machines to make sure that they
are of a very high tolerance.The come in resealable bottle and are great for indoors or out. These BBs are top quality precision made  from biodegradable material, with a super grade  polished surface cutting out small imperfections.  These BBs are designed to degrade in time and will not damage the natural surroundings. These Airsoft bb's are made to give greater accuracy and consistency giving you the edge over you opposition.

Airsoft .30g bio bb's

Ares diamond bio bb's,High quality BB This heavy bb is best  for mid range shooting and CQB in good quality guns.
The heavier weight makes sure you get a good hit.

Delivery time:1 TO 2 DAYS

Ares .25g Bio BB'S

Ares diamond precision bio bb's . Great quality and accuracy.  Consistent and keeps you on target.
Delivery time:1 TO 2 DAYS

Ares Bio .2g BB'S

Ares Diamond precision Bio .20g airsoft pellet.Tog grade bb's for use indoor and out and will degrade over time.

Delivery time:1 to 2 days