Airsoft Bio BB'S

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These 0.25g airsoft bio  BBs are made with Biodegradable Polymer, that means they are friendly to the environment as they break down over time.

Bio BB'S For Airsoft Guns.

NUPROL's newest environmentally friendly  Bio BB'S is new into the market with upgrades to the old version.
This  new design  is a precision made to give the best performance is possible.  It comes with greater accuracy and the bb's will break down after a length of time. These BB'S are suitable for most environments indoor and out and now outdoor sites are insisting on Bio BB'S.   The pellets are 5.95 mm in diameter allowing for tight bore use. All bb's are graded and check before they are put into bottles.

New Range

NUPROL's new Bio BB Range that will  break down over time.
Some Sites  only allow Bio-BB  that will break down and these are perfect for that . Use with Airsoft Rifles, pistols and shotguns.

  • Colour white.
  • Square Bottle Shape.
  • About  3.229k BBs in bottle.
  •  +/- 0.01mm tolerance.