Magnum Boots

Magnum Boots again is another leading brand when it comes to Military Footwear offering a good quality boot used by many throughout the world. As a supplier of Magnum Boots in Glasgow we know what people look for when it comes to good quality footwear for Military and Cadets


Magnum Boots have always been in front of the crowd when  it comes to offering comfort and value in uniform footwear used by the police, military,civilians and cadet units. Our magnum boots collection offers footwear for all trades and walks of life.Our military footwear is made to very high standards and still offering performance Magnum boots are designed to provide a combination of grip, and foot protection suitable to a rough ground. They can be  made of hardened, and sometimes waterproofed leather. Most of the advances made in combat boots comes from the hiking boots which have been using Gore-Tex and nylons sides for years.


Magnum Panther side zip boots


Magnum Panther lace up police boots


Magnum classic black combat boots