Sun Hats | Bush Hats

We have a selection of Sun Hats and Bush Hats which are available to buy in Glasgow. We have a store in the city centre or you can order online and we can deliver them nationwide. Bush hats in olive and camouflage hats made from cotton and poly-cotton materials.These are great hats and used for camouflage to break up the outline on the head. Also used as a sun hat in hot climates. There is also the famous leather Bush hats that are also used as Sun Hats.

Ausy Digger hats

Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Black Ausy digger hat

Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Brown roughend leather

Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Union Army Civil war hat

Union Army civil war cap. New copy of civil war hat.
Delivery time:1 to 3 days
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