Wide Fitting Police Boots.

Wider Fitting Boots for those with a wide foot. Made to the same specifications as standard fit boots.

Airborne Tactical Boots wide fitting

This Tactical wide fitting combat boot. It is in-between a standard and wide fitting boot.Water resistant, comfortable with dual density sole.
Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Swat Alpha Fury Wide Fitting Boots. WP

This original swat boot now comes in a wide fitting boot.Comes with side zip, polishable toe and is waterproof. Fantastic boots for those with a wider foot.
original Swat
176601 wide fit
Delivery time:1 to 3 days

Swat Classic wide fitting boots

This is the Original Swat Classic wide fitting boot. This is one of the best selling tactical boots now in a wider fit.
original Swat
Delivery time:1 to 3 days