bolle silium plus safety glasses smoke

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The bolle SILIUM + is an upgrade from the silium popular safety glasses.


This is a super lightweight polycarbonate version and it very comfortable. SILIUM + is a great  choice, merging style, shape and performances for long use.

Low energy impact - F
Low energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s this is very good safety numbers

 risk- High speed particles at very high temperatures - T
The letter T,  after the strength symbol, authorises the glasses for use at high speed
 particles at very high temperatures.

 UV Protection  is EN 170 - (2-1.2, 2C-1.2)
The protection filters ultraviolet radiation and gives protection
This type of protection is particularly is good for radiation such as mercury, actinic vapour lamps, or germicides.
Levels of application: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2
can be in different colours of lens