The bolle safety glasses

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Bolle Assault Glasses. This is an extremely good safety spec and will give maximim protection for your eyes and comes with non-slip frames.

Safety Glasses

These bolle glasses are Certified to STANAG 2920 and EN172, The  ASSAULT ballistic protection sunglasses with give the  maximum protection against any event. They have an  adjustable bridge flexible, straight non-slip frames. The bolle  ASSAULT provides superb comfort and protection. They come in colours  smoke, twilight and ESP.

Anti-scratch with anti-fog coating on lens.
Designed with Ballistic polycarbonate lens.
Comes with Ultra flexible comfortable frame.
Non slip bridge great feature.
Non slip temples.


Smoke lens : V50 186 m/s (670 km/h)
ESP lens : V50 187 m/s (674 km/h)
Twilight lens : V50 194 m/s (694 km/h)

ANSI Z87.1-2010
MIL PRF 31013

Resistance rating for ballisticsSTANAG 2920.
STANAG defined by NATO ensures compliance with  ballistic standars and protection for
the  military.The test impact is a steel cylinder equivalent to a 0.22 caliber'' of over 275 m / s or 990 km / h.

The STANAG stan dards are recognized by NATO.
Risk - Low energy impact - F
Energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s

Risk- High speed particles at very high temperatures - T
The letter T, authorises use for high speed particles at high temperatures.

Solar radiations: EN 172
 protection for industrial solar radiation.
For outdoor work, EN172 norm offers a protection of 99.99% of ultra-violet radiation.
Levels of application: 5-3.1 (Polarized, smoked) 5-2 (Twilight), 5-1.4 (ESP), 5/1.1-1.4 contrast, 5-2.5 and 5 to 4.1 (smoked )
Lens color: smoked