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This is the latest and Newest generation of ballistics glasses. The Bolle COMBAT KIT.

Bolle Combat Kit.

The Combat, tactical spectacles from Bolle, are one of the newest generation of ballistic safety spectacles and goggles.Come with with easy to change lenses in smoke  clear, and ESP, with dual temples straps
The  lenses have  a 160-degree wide angle  view with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.Ultra-lightweight /comfortable.

For protection against UV radiation.

Ballistic resistance standard: STANAG 4296.

Ant fogging.

Filter protection for industrial solar radiation meets EN172 standards.

Resistant to high-speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Medium energy impact resists a 6mm, 0.86g ball at 120m/s.

Levels of application: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2

Ballistic lens.

Adjustable strap.

Non-slip nose.

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings.

Frames meet EN 166 standard.

Lens: Ballistic PC - 2.5mm - Base 9.

Supplied with black semi-hard MOLLE carry case and two microfiber lens covers.

Suitable for continuous work.

Recommended for outdoor work and during activities where the source of ultraviolet radiation is predominant.

RX insert and foam seal compatible.

Weight (spectacles only): 30g.




Resistance Ballistic

Clear lens : V50  229 m/s
Smoke lens : V50  236 m/s
ESP lens : V50 856 238m/s

Ballistic resistance to  STANAG 4296
STANAG 4296 is the standard unit of resistance protection for military use.
It guarantees the ballistic resistance STANAG 2920, but other factors are used such as
comfortable, lightweight with reduced fogging  and its resistance to scratches
 field of vision of 160 ° minimum.

The STANAG standar is used by  members of NATO.

 risk - Low energy impact - F
Impact will resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s

 risk- High speed particles at very  high temperatures - T
The letter T authorises use for high speed particles at very high  temperatures.

risk- Medium energy impact - B
Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s

Risks UV Protection - EN 170 - (2-1.2, 2C-1.2)
The protection filters ultraviolet radiation.
This type of protection is used  where the source of ultraviolet radiation is
 mercury vapor lamps or germicides.
Levels of application: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2
Lens color: Clear, blue, yellow or green.

Solar radiations risks: EN 172
protection for industrial solar radiation.
Application for outdoor work, EN172 norm offers a protection of 99.99% of ultra-violet solar radiation.
application: 5-3.1 (Polarized, smoked) 5-2 (Twilight), 5-1.4 (ESP), 5/1.1-1.4 (Constrast), 5-2.5 and 5 to 4.1 (smoked )
Lens color: smoked