Blaster devils .28g Airsoft pellets

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Blaster devils 28G pellets. The devils are a superior bb made to very high standard.These bbs are gold standard and one of the best.


 Devils Airsoft Pellets.

The BLASTER DEVIL are a brand of very high quality Precision Airsoft BB’s from ASG.
All Blaster Devils go through a very strict checking process to ensure very high standards with tolerances of +/-0.01mm which is a tiny amount and is one hundredth of a mm.  Devils are a Diamond grade precision BB.

  • Weight: 0.28 g.
  • Color: White.
  • Comes in 3000 pcs per bottle.
  •  They are 0.28 g - For higher velocity rifle or sniper rifles with similar performance to 0.30 g.