Water filter purification pump

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Water Purification pump

Water Purifier Pump

This pocket purifier is a highly compact self-contained water purifier filter. Treated water from the water filter purifier is also useful for food preparation, emergency medical aid  and general hygiene  The patented combination of an Activated filters  disinfection system provides essential protection from gross levels of micro-biological contamination including bacteria, viruses and cysts.It can completely and successfully treat source water e.g. streams, stagnant pools, polluted wells/tap.
Pocket Travel Well is designed to meet specific requirement for treatment of water in emergency or survival conditions. Using the proven filtration and sterilisation system . This sysltem will remove 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses from lake and river water.

In operation the source water is initially filtered, cleaning the water as well as chemical contamination. 
I● Filtering Accuracy : 0.01um● Net Weight : 245 g● Gross Weight : 500 g
● Size : 165*50*80 mm
● Package Size : 205*155*85 mm
● Capacity : 1000 L ( 264 gal ) / L
● Output : 0.5 L ( 0.13 gal ) / L
● Material : Abs, Carbon Fiber, UF( Medical Grade )