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ACF stable belts. Army Cadet Force belts

Cadet Force Belt

The ACF or Army Cadet Force UK  is an organisation, for young people, and mostly funded by the MOD
There are different branches of the cadet force:-

  • Sea Cadets.
  • Army Cadets.
  • CCF usually schools.
  • Air Cadets.
  • Marine Cadets.
  • Police Cadets.

The ACF, although closely connected with the Military is not part of the army and not subjected to any of the Emergency acts like a call up. A lot of cadets do go on to join the Forces and can make good careers from themselves.Many of the leaders in the Cadets are former Military personnel or with some Forces background.The ACF is a charity and work on tight budgets. Cadets are supplied with most of the equipment that they will use but are required to buy boots and if they wish a ACF stable belt.

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