Airsoft quick release drop leg holster

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Adjustable thigh holster, with quick release gear. Allows you to fit in the best position for quick draw.

Airsoft Quick Release Holster.

Adjustable thigh holster, with quick release gear The height adjuster allow you to adjust the holster to the best position for a quick draw. A bungee holding strap keeps the gun in the holster, with  side release buckles that will allow you take it on or off quickly. Duty nylon and water resistant nylon design.

  • Quick release.
  • Double leg straps with side release buckles.
  • Leg straps that are non -slip.
  • Adjustable security strap for safety.
  • Low profile side-release buckles.
  • Duty nylon water resistant nylon design.
  • Rigid liner.
  • Quick release.
  • Adjustable security strap for  weapon retention.

Fits various models.

The quick release is retention design, that hold your pistol  by way of a mechanical hook. It locks the guns trigger guard and will release by pressing a release button.The hook automatically locks your gun when inserted in the holster and is unlocked by pressing on a release.This is a fat way of getting you holster in and out of the pouch.