We EU Series holsters

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These holster series are  specifically designed for the WE Pistols that do not fit standard holsters.

WE Airsoft Pistol Holsters.

These holster are made from very tough polymer and superb for Airsoft use. The holders are made and designed for WE pistols and fixed to the belt by a paddle that gives a good tight fitting. Airsofters love these holsters and will hold the gun very  securely by pressing a button release. It is safe and and trigger is covered. The position of the holster can be adjusted to different angles to suit you system of shooting. The paddle and holsters can be taken apart for other ways of attaching it.

  • Fitting System.
  • Press button release.
  • Adjustable Angles for perfet fit.
  • Attach to belts with paddles giving a tight fit.
  • For belts from 5.6cm wide with a thickness of 0.5cm Thick.
  • The holster can be fitted to a drop leg platfor from Nupron.
  • Can also be fitted to the NUPROL Drop Leg Holster Platform.
  • Perfect fit holsters for WE holsters and is a rotating belt holster that fits WE, TM, and For WE Glocks.