Nuprol hard pistol case

nuprol pistol wave foam
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Nuprol  Hard Case is made  to keep pistols safe from damage. Lightweight but sturdy 850 grams Size outside: 310 x 249 x 80 mm

Pistol Case

This pistol hard case is made from Polymer, and has Egg Shell Foam in the inside. It has a Carry Handle, with two holes that allows you to lock the case to be locked using padlocks. This stops anyone from opening the case without permission and it s a good safety feature. The case has 2 Sliding Latches that slide to lock the case and for easy  and quick opening. The  Case has a raised alternating pattern, this allows the case to be stacked without slipping.This is a great case for the Air softer needing a good case for their pistols and it keeps everything neat and safe.


  • Has a Carry Handle.
  • Tough Polymer Design.
  • 2 Sliding Latches.
  • Holes for securing the Case.
  •  Case can stand Vertically.
  • Removable Foam Internals.
  • Secure Stacking.
  • Lightweight but sturdy 850 grams.
  • Size outside: 310 x 249 x 80 mm.
  • Size inside: 304 x 192 x 71 mm.