Water to go water filter and purification bottle 75cl

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Water To Go Bottle and Filter 75cl version

Will give at least 200 litres of clean drinking water and will last at least approx 2 months or 130 ltrs  with the super filter that will filter out 9.99999% of viruses, bacteria.

  • This filter used 3 technologies for added safety.
  •  will also filter our Fluoride Chlorine, lead,bad taste , odour,copper and other heavy metals.
  • Great for daily use around the home,school , holidays and travel.
  • This waterpurification filter will give you clean water when you need it.
  • Simply to use, Just activate the filter and you are ready to go.
  •  Comes with a time strip so you can be sure your filter is active.
  • Large 75cl version with rubber grip.