Small green gas for airsoft

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Handy size for gaming. This green gas for airsoft guns is made especially for use while playing as it is a small size to fit into your bag or pouch.

Green Gas

The Green gas comes in a handy small size bottle,that is made to fit into pouches for ease of use during an Airsoft game.This gas is a great gas for every season and will keep everything running along nicely.
This size of gas in now becoming very popular for use with the pistols and rifles.It is convenient to re-gas during the game giving you a chance to stay in the game longer rather than going off field to reload.


  • Small compact design.
  • Metal nozzle.
  • Gives better bb's count on firing.
  • Improved  performance -with upgraded gas.
  • Quality lubricant in Gas.
  • Helps to stop rust.
  • Friendly formula.
  • Protective dust cover.