lipo batteries 7.4v with deans connectors

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7.4v lipo 1300maha 25c 8wh   This battery has  a deans connection ( wired for Airsoft use)


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Deans Connector

A neat  LiPo battery that is made  for fitting into the crane stock and hand hards. This version has a Deans connector for those who prefer this type of fitting over te Tamiya connector.
The crane stock style is a battery that is split into 2 sections allowing for it to be fitted into small spaces.
This is a 1300mAh and should give a good days medium use.Of course if you are going full blast you may need to change out the battery. Lipo batteries are not for the sole use for Airsoft products but are also used in radio controlled models.


  • Lithium Polymer or Lipo.
  • 20c rating with 8cm wire.
  • Deans connector with 2 cells.
  • 7.4v1300mAh25c
  • Lipo Crane.