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 Scout flagpoles for Ceremonial use with beautiful Scout emblem in rosewood or black. 2 sections with screwed joint.

Scout flagpoles.

Flag poles come in 2 different colours.Top quality scout flagpoles in 7 foot with Black with chrome fittings or Rosewood with gold brass fittings.The Scout flagpole comes in 2 parts for easy transport.  The poles are used by Scouts in ceremonial duties and festivals. This is one of the best Scout poles on sale today as It is tremendous quality with a high gloss finish.

Scout Associations.

The Scouting Association is the largest Scout organisation in the UK and is  recognised member of the world the World Organization. The Scout association says it has a membership of  460,000 youngsters age from 5 to 25 years of age with around 116,000 adult volunteers.

Scout Goals.

The Scouts aims is to provide  adventure,fun and skills to give young people an opportunity to enjoy new experiences and adventures. Scouts can perform , community and international activities that can involve parades. This is where our Scout Flag Poles can be used.  Our flagpoles are top quality and any scout group can use them with pride.

  • 2 colours Brass Gold / Chrome.
  • 2 sections with screwed joints.
  • Finals of high quality.
  • Finial can be removed for transport.
  • Scout Poles 7ft in length.