Flectarn warrior shirts with elbow pad

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Flectarn camouflage UBACS shirt with elbow pad. This is a fantastic shirt for fishermen, hunters and Airsofters. Comes with zip top front,

MIL-TEC Flectarn Warrior Shirt With Elbow Pads.

 This flectarn camouflage, lightweight Under Body Armour Combat Shirt or know as (Ubacs) is usually worn under body Armour  but can be used as a stand-a- lone- shirt. It has elbow pads, tough plastic that can be removed.

  • Zip Front with high collar.
  • Comes with  hidden pocket on each upper army.
  • Velcro patches on the sleeve pockets.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Manufacturer: Mil-Tec.