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ASG CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 2018 MODEL IN BLACK.This is an upgraded version with new improvements. Accurate and super grip and balance.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

An Airsoft  Gun made and designed from original plans. This gun is specially created for Airsoft by ASG. This is the new  upgraded version and has lots of improvements and improvements that will give a better and  smoother performance  It comes with a new  Polymer chassis, metal flash suppressor and charger handle, internals and outer barrel. One point to note is that this weapon is made from the same polymer as the original real rifle.

Mossfet Advanced Features

The Scorpion Evo has a great many advanced features that come to life with the Mosfet made especially for the scorpion and gives firing modes such as safe- semi- full auto and a 3 round burst. The electronic trigger has an almost instant response to the pull and unique to this gun a magazine empty detection and this in turn prevents you from firing the gun is out of ammunition.

Accessory Rail.

 The Hand-guard has 4 Rails, giving you the opportunity to attach bi-pods and grips  The side of the rail can be used to attach other devices like a torch. The rail is very functional and large or small scope/ sights or anything you like.

Battery Compartment.

 The battery is kept at the top of the receiver and can be reached by removing the front rail guard that is accessible once the Front Hand-guard is removed.

Quick Change Spring.

 The Evo Gearbox has a Quick Change Spring and this gives you to option to change the velocity of the gun. This can be done quick quickly. The gun is back up by the Airsoft sports Games design team advice on the accessories and parts available or in the design process. There is always something new for this gun.

Best Performance

This is a great buy for the airsoft players and one of the best guns on the market. This gun outshines the rest outdoors,indoors in CQB games.The new modern design and upgrades makes it a modern addition to the Airsoft arsenal.

Scorpion Upgrades & Features

  • Evo Variant below 350 fps.
  • Improved Spring Guide.
  • Seedy spring change.
  • MOSFET Computer System with electronic trigger.
  • New Folding stock.
  • Full length rail side & bottom.
  • Can fire in 3 rounds busts.Great fun.
  • Magazine detection which stops firing if mag is out of ammunition.
  • Bolt Lock.
  • Sliding Stock.
  • Hop unit reduces loss.
  • handle for charging
  • Fast loading.
  • monitoring of battery function.
  • Smooth quick electronic trigger
    Precision made outer barrel
  • Forward sling mount.
  • Constructed from high strength polymers.
  • V2 Parts Compatible Gearbox.
  •  Hop-Up is adjustable.

In Box

Special Instructions.

New Features

  • Updated Gearbox.
  • New production process involving CNC finish.
  • Precision machined gearbox.
  • New Zinc Alloy gearbox.
  • Heavier gearbox gives a better balance and feel.
  • Gearbox now gives a smoother operation.
  • Gearbox re-design to strengthen the casing.
  • The gun is now more solid and durable.
  • New cable trunking to save wires from chaffing.
  • Improved engagement of gears.
  • Gears and Piston closer for longer life.
  • New Piston design.
  • Piston revamped to 6 teeth.
  • Piston's now with smoother engagement.
  • Revamped piston's guides for the new model.
  • Improved steel cylinder.
  • Cylinder made from carbon steel.
  • Now Comes in a black finish (cylinder)with  new port design.
  • Improved airs seals.
  • New designed piston head.
  • Cylinder Head now with cushion pads.
  • More reliable velocity.
  • The pre-engagement of Piston has been designed out.
Manufacturer: weapon type:ASG sub machine gun
Model: EVO Scorpion updated model
FPS: legal:yes
Materials: polymer and alloy
Colour: Black
Power type: Battery
Firing mode: safe / semi / automatic / 3 round bursts
safety: trigger lock
Configeration: Any hand
Gun configeration: standard
Ammo: .25g
Hop up: Adustable.
rail system: Has a rail system for attaching accessories
sights: yes light enhanced
Maganzine: 75 rounds
Weight: 2.4 kg
stock positon: 5 positions
sling opitions: stock
outer barrle thread: female
length extended 63 cm
length collapsed 42.5 cm