Nuprol hard pistol case pick and pluck

nuprol pistol pick and pluck
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Nuprol  Hard Case is made  to keep pistols safe from damage. This case has the pick and pluck foam for shaping the space.

Pistol Case

This pistol hard polymer case is made from Polymer, and has the pick and pluck Foam in the inside.Comes with Carry Handle and holes  to lock the case  using padlocks. This stops people from opening it and it is a safety feature.  Comes with  2 Sliding Latches to lock the case and for quicksilver opening. The  Case has a raised pattern, that  will allow the case to be stacked Tremendous case for the airsoft player.


  •  Carry Handle.
  • Tough Polymer.
  • 2 Sliding locks with securing holes.
  •  Can stand Vertically.
  • Removable Foam.
  • Secure Stacking.
  • Lightweight / sturdy 850 grams.
  • Size outside: 310 x 249 x 80 mm.
  • Size inside: 304 x 192 x 71 mm.