Abbey Mini Predator Mini Ultra Gas

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Abbey Predator Ultra GAS. One of the best airsoft gases on the market and will be suitable for all weapons that use gas.Has built in lubricant.

Abbey Predator  Gas Ultra version.

One of the most popular airsoft gases on the market today. This  gas, and contains a built in  lubricant that will help to keep you guns working better and they will be more efficient. There is no need to keep giving the can a shake to mix the oil as it stays mixed in the can. This is a smooth lubricant with high viscosity so making it less sticky and the weapon will be easy to clean.

Perfect for Most Weapons.

 Abbey Predator  GAS is perfect  for all  gas weapons all the way up to sniper rifles ( It may not be the best for lightweight guns with plastic slides).The small size is great for keeping with you while playing.It can easily be kept in a pouch.

  •  Comes with a metal Nozzle.
  •  Contains Lubricant.
  •  Gas - high power.
  •  Consistent Power Steady release.
  •  High viscosity.