Essential Survial kit

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A survial kit with almost everything you need for your adventures and camps. Comes with dry sack for keeping kit dry.

Survival Essentials

  • A  lightweight survival kit contained in a ultralight dry bag. This will keep the weight down and at the same time keep you kit dry. It has a buckle that locks the roll top closure and can be used to hold or grab the bag.
  •  Boot laces.
  • Hypothermia foil blanket.
  •  LED  torch Fling and striker 
  • Multi-tool
  •  Sewing kit
  • Strong  nylon cord 
  •  Night light.
  • Fishing Kit with fishing line, swivels,  weights and hooks.
  •  Strong Wire saw
  •  Waterproof matches with a striker› Useful  Duck tape
  • Loud whistle
  •  Survival instructions
  •  Cotton wool ›Signal mirror
  •  Light dry bag  1 litre

 Specification of Dry bag - Roll top closure - Waterproof and ripstop 
These Dry Bags are lightweight waterproof. Size: 160 x 230mm

Weight: 360g (12.6oz)