Owl decoy

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Owl decoy bird scarer. 40 CM tall with large eys. Good for scaring pest birds from the lawn or bowling green.

Owl Decoy Bird Scarer.

Plastic owls decoys are one of the most commonly used scaring devices to scare birds such as pigeons  and most birds that are pests. Can be used to scare them from their perches in towns , bowling greens and gardens. The decoys are best place on areas where they can be clearly seen and moved every few weeks. 
These decoys are roughly the same size as real owls and look life like and do work.

  • Replica Plastic Owl decoy.
  • Uses the birds instinctive fear of predators.
  • Keeps birds away from  perching areas.
  • Can be used to scare a wide variety of different  birds.