Nuprol shotgun shells

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Airsoft shotgun shells pack of 4 form Nuprol. Will fit most types of shotguns. 30 bb's in each shell.

Airsoft Shotgun Shells.

These shotgun Shells are made from tough plastic outer casing. These shells are a Nuprol brand and will work in shotguns and other types of special shotguns with multiple bursts. Each shell will hold 30 bb's and fire 3 pellets at a time.Easy loading and you can use a speed loader to speed up things.Most users have a bundle of these shells, giving you hundreds of rounds.It will make you game more fun if you have plenty of spares and you will be able to fire at a very fast rate.Shotguns are great fun.

  • 4 shells in each pack.
  • Works with most types of guns.
  • 30 bbs in each shell and 6mm pellets..

As with all magazines be careful and do not to leave shells with bb's in them.